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Photograph by Rodney Smith

Travis Hansson is an art dealer with a sterling reputation for building some of the most important personal art collections around the globe. As one of the art world’s preeminent dealers of monumental sculpture, his innovative installations and sculpture gardens have earned him worldwide acclaim.

Mr. Hansson engages each client in a highly creative process. This process realizes the client’s aesthetic sensibility to achieve a collection that is a flawless fit in the life of the collector and one that works in striking harmony with beautiful architecture, interior design and private landscapes.

His foremost passion is partnering with a collector to acquire important works with interesting histories and impeccable provenances, but even more importantly, work that resonates with them in ways both emotional and cerebral. He has said, “I love the journey that I take with each client and am thrilled when I establish life-long relationships with people who are moved to collect because it adds significant depth and meaning to their lives.”

Travis Hansson Fine Art

433 North Camden Drive,
Suite 201
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
T 310 777 3624
F 310 777 3620

183 Madison Avenue,
Suite 1619
New York, NY 10016
T 212 779 3800
F 212 777 3801